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Propax FAQ

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What is Propax with NTFactor® ?
PROPAX with NTFactor® is the nutritional system that will change your life. Propax is a dietary supplement clinically validated to reduce and eliminate fatigue, the most frequently mentioned complaint in primary care. Propax with NTFactor® provides a broad range of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant, essential fatty acids with pro-biotics.

Propax has a whole food tablet base that improves membrane health, benefits gastrointestinal health, enhances nutrient absorption, and supports immune function. This formula includes all the nutrients a person typically would want, or need, for the purpose of providing effective nutritional support from a dietary supplement. Note that it does not provide a significant caloric value and does not replace meals. All the nutrients that would be contained in a quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, antioxidant, essential fatty acid, pre- and pro-biotic and energy support formulations are included in moderate and well balanced amounts in PROPAX with NTFactor®.

What is NTFactor® ?
NTFactor® is a nutrient compound composed of phosphoglycolipids (the highest functioning fats in human body), with pre- and pro-biotics. These phosphoglycolipids are the building blocks of cell membranes, and the pre and pro-biotics work to balance friendly bacteria in your large intestine.

How does the NTFactor® work?
NTFactor® works by repairing cellular membrane function, and balancing a healthy micro flora. We all have something in our bodies called Phosphoglycolipids that are the building blocks and fabric for healthy cells. Over time those lipids become damaged, and NTFactor® replaces those damaged lipids, with healthy undamaged lipids. It also provides the nutrition for restoring healthy bacteria in our gastro-intestinal environment.

Why is Propax with NTFactor® important to my health?
Propax with NTFactor® is the multivitamin that can change your life in just a week, by providing you with a full range of nutrients, along with pre- and pro-biotics, and Omega 3 oils. Propax is a better, safe source of nutrients providing overall good health support.

The NTFactor® in Propax rebuilds, and repairs the membranes in your cells, the building blocks of health. The membranes of your cells, and mitochondria are where food, air and water become energy you can use (ATP). It is also where hormones, enzymes, and many proteins and fats, are synthesized for use in your body. In clinical trials, NTFactor® returned the health of cells in a 70 year old population to level normal for healthy young adults (control group had average of 29 yrs) in 8 weeks. No other product we know about can make that claim. We have spent years testing and perfecting this science; 5 clinical trials, more than 2-dozen review papers and 38 million doses consumed to date.

Is NTFactor® safe?
NTFactor® is made 100% from food extracts. It does not use foods that contain naturally occurring stimulants or hormones. To date approximately 38 million doses of NTFactor® have been consumed. In less than 1% of those doses, there have been complaints of an increase in flatulence and/or loose bowels, which is normal due to the pre and pro-biotics in the product. Most of these complaints resolved themselves naturally within the first few weeks of taking the product.


Is Propax with NTFactor® gluten free?
Yes, Propax with NTFactor® is gluten, and wheat free.

Will NTFactor® interfere with any medications?
Generally not, unless the drug instructional insert indicates otherwise. This is required by federal law to be provided in every prescription. Consultation with a Doctor, or pharmacist can be helpful in making the decision to take Propax.

Has Propax with NTFactor® been tested?
Propax with NTFactor®, and NTFactor® have been tested extensively over the last 18 years. They has been studied in peer-reviewed published clinical trials, including double blinded placebo controlled randomized crossover trial design. All trials were supervised by a registered, or university affiliated, IRB (Institutional Review Board). NTFactor® reviews have been published in more than 12 medical journals.

Should Propax with NTFactor® be taken with food?
Propax with NTFactor® , and all NTFactor® products may be taken with or without food. Since NTFactor® products contains a wide range of foods and probiotics, all the needed coenzymes and cofactors are either present or created as a metabolite.

Can I take too much of NTFactor®
No, the reason is NTFactor® provides two types of nutrition; cell membrane nutrition and gastro-intestinal flora nutrition. As NTFactor® increases the saturation of cell membrane it continues to improve the health and function of the membranes. If there is too much at any one time it won’t make it into the membrane matrix, and so, will be shuttled off to provide nutrition such as neurotransmitter aids and short chain fatty acid nutrients. In the gastro intestinal tract the bacteria will simply mature in the large intestine and go through its metabolic life.

Is NTFactor® alone a vitamin?
NTFactor® contains small amounts of some vitamins but it should not be considered a vitamin supplement. The small amount it provides is consumed by the friendly bacteria present in the group. NTFactor® is a cell rebuilder. We do provide daily vitamins that include NTFactor® in PROPAX with NTFACTOR® and PROPAX GOLD with NTFactor® . One packet a day can give you everything you require to rebuild your cells and feed them with the nutrients they need

How many packs of Propax should I take a day?
All the clinical trials evaluated fatigue, and tiredness in some fashion or another. For mild fatigue 1 packet daily was instructed, for moderate 2 packets, and for severe fatigue 3 packets daily. Note that severely fatigued people were generally reclassified as moderate, or mild, within four week, and the dose changed accordingly.

Is Propax with NTFactor® , or NTFactor® itself, an antioxidant?
Propax with NTFactor® contains such nutrients as vitamin A, C, E, as well as, Zinc, Selenium, and many others. NTFactor® itself is a group of nutrients completely extracted from food and does not contain any naturally occurring stimulants or hormones, but does contain some antioxidants. However, that is not its method of action to improve the health and vitality of people. It works by providing cell membranes with the building block to restore its own vitality and repairs damage done previously by free radicals. (This is not something that anti-oxidants alone can accomplish.) Then it provides the nutrients (pro-and pre-biotics) to restore healthy microflora (healthy bacteria) colonies in the gastro intestinal tract. NTFactor® is unique and novel because it can provide the cell membrane nutrients that are documented to match human membrane, and are not oxidized/digested when consumed.

How does NTFactor® work in Propax in combination with other vitamins, minerals and other ingredients?
NTFactor® will make other nutrients more effective because NTFactor® is validated to improve membrane potential. That refers to the electrical activity of a membrane and that drives metabolism. NTFactor® works in conjunction with the nutritional system the makes up Propax.

How will it help my fatigue and tiredness?
In five clinical trials it has been proven that NTFactor® will reduce and eliminate fatigue regardless of the person’s age or severity of fatigue. Because it requires no external energy to work it will work regardless of the person’s age or health. It is an sustainable, maintainable source of all day, every day energy.

What separates NTFactor® from other products that claim to fight fatigue?
NTFactor® is the only product proven in clinical trials to reduce and eliminate fatigue. No other product had been proven to provide the same benefit. Some products create the illusion by discussing aspects of the energy producing process, or the oxidation and/or transport of pre-energy compounds, like sugar and/or fats. However, NTFactor® ® is the only supplement to actually be evaluated successfully for fatigue.

How long will it take for me to see and feel benefits form taking it?
Surveys indicate people feel benefit beginning within three days. Clinical trials show dramatic results continuing throughout two months, and thereafter.

What are the age groups can benefit from NTFactor® technology?
Cellular damage has been thought to begin occurring after puberty, so it would be valuable for that age group and older.

What does it mean that NTFactor® can cut your biological age in half?
The most credible theory of how aging happens is called the ‘Mitochondrial Clock Theory of Aging”. This interprets that the damage done in our bodies to the mitochondria in our cells, determines how well, and how long, we can live. In a recent clinical trial, participants who were 70 years old took NTFactor® for eight weeks. At the end of the study their mitochondrial function (cellular function) was equal to that of a healthy 29 year old. The improvement is sustainable so long as the person continues to use NTFactor® , according to the published study. The key measurement was the mitochondrial membrane potential.

How does Propax and its NTFactor® differ from other nutrient products that claim to help cellular function?
NTFactor® provides the ability to restore lost membrane function. Typically, nutrients can help to mitigate future damage but only NTFactor® is proven to be able to restore lost membrane function. An example is that we expect older people to have less energy. In one clinical trial NTFactor® products restored the energy producing ability (called mitochondrial function) in elderly people to levels normal for young healthy adults.

Propax adds a complete nutritional system to the NTFactor® , helping your nutrition work better than before. NTFactor® , allows for the increased absorption of the Propax vitamins, minerals, pre- and pro-biotics, and its other components.

Can I get your products if I live outside the USA?
We require International customers contact us directly. This is so we can explain our policy for international shipments. International shipments may incur an additional Postage charge that will be determined at the time of shipping. We do not guarantee delivery of packages overseas. This is due to the various customs policies for each country. As customs can on occasion seize a package it may be lost in the system and we will be unable to prove delivery did not occur. We ship all international packages USPS for better possibility of arrival. If you still wish to order please contact us by phone at 1-800-982-9158 between 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time.

Can I get my $$ back if it does not help me?
Yes, there is a 45-day money back guarantee. Simply contact us by phone at 1-800-982-9158 between 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time.

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